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A solar-powered water fountain set amongst landscaping adding decor to an outdoor living space.

Enhance Your Outdoor Oasis with a Relaxing Water Fountain

Creating an inviting outdoor space has become a top priority for homeowners. Our backyards and patios are functioning as extensions of our living areas.

As we spend more time at home, outdoor living spaces have become as important as the interiors of the home. Stylish, comfortable patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, and multi-functional playsets have become prevalent as we enjoy our free time outside. These spaces have become blank canvases for décor, too.

The water fountain is a popular addition to exterior living spaces and gardens. Not just for rolling estates, modern living spaces have added these visual focal points for charm on patios and worked in with landscaping. That soothing sound of trickling water helps to create a sense of peace and harmony, but there are other benefits.

Today’s outdoor water fountains span a spectrum of styles, from traditional, gray

A 3-tiered water fountain in a faux stone finish with pebble-like accents

stone birdbath fountains perched on a plinth like Teamson Home 3-Tiered Water Fountain (right) to contemporary waterfall fountains with LED features. Fountains are powered by electricity or by solar panels and boast intricate designs and colors.

Fountains that boast bright colours often attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators looking for water. Teamson Home's Outdoor Glazed Pot Floor Fountain  (left) comes in three bright colours Red, Blue, and Teal. Even bees require some liquid refreshment. Fountains with

A blue glazed pot water fountain sitting on some garden stones.

pools with sturdy edges are also a top choice for feathered friends who take advantage of a place to perch. Fountain water is also healthier than stagnant water for animals.

Negative ions are created as water move throughout the fountain that help attract dust, pollen, and other allergens in the air. They become weighed down by the negative ions and fall to the ground, effectively cleaning the air.

Maintaining your water fountain is easy, ensuring it continues to function beautifully for years to come. Here are five simple tips:

To keep your water fountain in tip-top shape for seasons to come, here are five maintenance tips.

  1. Keep water levels up: Don’t overfill your fountain, but do monitor how much water is in the reserve and make sure that the submersible pump is under water. A dry or almost dry water fountain can cause the pump to overheat and cause unnecessary wear and tear with increased friction.

  2. Clean submersible pumps: Consult the manual on how to detach and disassemble the pump. Be sure to clean the housing of the pump of debris or loose dirt with a clean cloth or running water. Inside, focus on the impeller where clogs are most likely to occur. Gently, use a soft brush or cloth and running water. If there is mineral buildup, you can soak the impeller in 50/50 white vinegar/water solution for 15-30 minutes before carefully removing the loosened deposits.

  3. Solar-powered LED lights in this outdoor fountain need 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sunlight to glow throughout the night.
    Strategic placement of solar panels: If your water fountain, like the 
    Teamson Home 28" Cascading Bowls Outdoor Water Fountain (it has solar-powered LED accent lights) be sure to position it to where it will receive direct sunlight for at least 6-8 hours a day. Aim for a south-facing placement in the Northern hemisphere (or north-facing in the Southern hemisphere). Do not place it under an artificial light (post light, etc.) because the panel will wear out.

  4. Cleaning your solar panels: If you notice that your solar-powered fountain is struggling, you may need to clean the panel as well. Solar panel cleaning solutions are on the market now, as well as simple DIY recipes. For example, mix mild dish soap and warm water or a solution of one-part white vinegar and eight parts water. Other methods include automotive headlight restoration kits to clean the lens.

  5. Storing your fountain over the colder months: To prevent damage from the colder months on the exterior of the fountain, as well as the submersible pump, move a dry fountain indoors like a shed if available, or cover well with a tarpaulin. Frozen water can cause damage to the pump and the surface of the fountain.
    Despite their size and water capacity, even tabletop water fountains need to be carefully put away during the colder months to work from year to year.
    Stagnant water can cause algae growth and become a breeding ground for pests, so be sure to drain the fountain and pump completely if you are leaving it outside but well covered. Even a small tabletop fountain like the Teamson Home 4-Tier Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Lights should be drained and packed away during the cold weather months. 

Our gardens are no longer simply outdoor spaces, they've become extensions of our homes. We're investing in comfortable furniture, outdoor kitchens, and even water features to create stylish and functional retreats. These inviting outdoor living spaces allow us to relax, entertain, and enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature, right at home.

A well-placed outdoor water fountain can be a fantastic investment, creating a tranquil escape in your garden. From boosting your well-being to adding a touch of grandeur, these versatile water features bring a multitude of benefits. Imagine relaxing in your garden on a summer evening, enjoying the serenity of the flowing water in your outdoor space.