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We can't believe it's been 25 years since Linda and Ken launched Teamson. Their vision was to bring joy into every home with beautiful, quality toys and furniture. This family vision continues today with their sons Will and Jerry, who are committed to design happy and designing for home, kids and pets. Thank you for inviting us into your homes! Check out Teamson's 25 fun facts throughout 25 years.


1. The name “Teamson” is a direct translation from the Chinese name meaning “Adding Victory”. 

2. Linda and Ken ran Teamson in the early days while raising 3 boys while flying back and forth between the US and China every month.

3. Our first Teamson website launched in 2002—here’s a sneak peek!

4. Since email was not an option when Teamson began, we would communicate globally via fax!

5. In 1997, we opened our first New York office in Ken and Linda’s garage on Long Island. 

6. Our New York warehouse experienced a torrential downpour that damaged the roof. Although a lot of inventory was lost, “water” stands for wealth in Chinese, so Linda reacted with “No worries, it means we will do even better in business!”

7. “Olivia’s Little World” was named after Jerry’s oldest daughter.

8. Ken still designs for Teamson Kids to this day!

9. The animal used most often for motifs in Fantasy Fields is the giraffe, featured often in the iconic “Sunny Safari” collection.  

10. For 8 years, Teamson’s best sellers were playfully designed potty chairs that could more accurately be described as potty thrones. Check them out!

11. Linda is an incredibly multitalented and intelligent woman. She worked at what is the equivalent of Taiwan’s US Embassy. Once immigrating to the US she could have worked for the government or start an insurance career. We are so happy she created Teamson instead!

12. Fantasy Fields has created 21 different kid’s furniture themes.

13. It takes 3x longer to develop a kid's product than a home product.

14. The first products Teamson ever sold were ceramic bowls and stoneware!

15. Teamson has shipped to 63 countries and counting!

16. Early on, the hand painted jewelry armoire was one of our most popular styles.

17. Our play kitchens are named after iconic cities we feel fits the same aesthetic (for example, our Paris play kitchen definitely has a chic Parisian vibe).

18. We introduced our outdoor and home collections in 2015. 

19. In 2018 we expanded into the pet market adding dog step stools to our catalog.

20. Teamson started with just four employees; now we have over 135 in five different countries!

21. Teamson has an annual summer BBQ where Will and Jerry showcase their grill master skills!

22. Teamson employees love their pets—so much so that you can see some of them modeling in our pet product images! 

23. Our previous Teamson Kids' logo was originally designed to be a microphone, but our employees viewed it as a potato with legs, so it was affectionately referred to as “the potato man”.

24. Teamson has a very diverse group of employees collectively speaking 12 languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Filipino, Polish, Romanian, German, Indonesian, and Taiwanese!

25.Teamson created a time capsule to open on our 50th anniversary in 2047!